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Local Garage Door Repair New Milford CT

We are a group of local experts who take pride in what they do. We are aware of the fact that a malfunctioning or broken garage door will mess up your schedule, which is why we make a point of maintaining our excellent response time and getting straight to work. When you choose us, you get a mixture of speed, knowledge and experience and at affordable prices to boot!

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We’ve been around for so long, nothing can surprise us anymore. We’ve seen it all, and more importantly, we’ve successfully dealt with each and every problem our customers put before us. Our technicians will explain in plain English everything about the work being done and advise you how to best take care of your system so that you can make your components last for a very long time.

Best Overall Service In New Milford CT

In order to provide our customers with quality services and long-lasting solutions, our company uses only first-class materials and replacement components. Each project is treated with the same attention to detail, so as not to miss even the tiniest of issues. Not only will we fix the problem itself, but we’ll also identify the cause behind it and deal with it as well.

Here Are Some Of The Garage Door Services We Provide:

Garage Door Replacement

You’d like your door to better reflect your personal style. Or, you’d like to have a more energy-efficient door in order to decrease your impact on the environment. Whatever the reason behind your decision, we’re here for you. Our technicians will listen to your needs and help you decide on a door that both has all the desired features and is within your budget. After the replacement come safety checks and fine-tuning so that we are absolutely certain the system is safe and perfectly functioning.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

If you’ve had your opener for years and the repair is no longer cost-effective, you should really consider having it replaced. Not only will the new unit run more quietly, but will also make your garage more secure. Our technicians will go through all the models you’re interested in, discuss all pros and cons with you and help you choose the option that’s right for you! And last but not the least, once we’ve connected the new unit, we’ll program the remotes and make sure the whole system is without glitches.

Garage Door Springs Replacement

Springs can last for a very long time, but even with proper maintenance, the daily wear and tear will eventually cause them to break. When this happens, the ONLY thing you should do is - call professionals to the rescue. Why? In a nutshell - so you can prevent serious injuries and damage. Our team has both the necessary tools and experience to replace these components in the blink of an eye without risking the safety of your loved ones and your property.

Garage Door Maintenance

Professional maintenance includes so much more than tightening a component into its correct position or applying the proper amount of lubricant. Our experts have more than enough experience and training to know the importance of preventing those minor, petty problems from turning into major ones. In addition to saving you money on more extensive repairs, we can also safely adjust the tension of your springs. Finally, we’ll perform safety checks and fine tune the system to make sure it works like clockwork.

Garage Door Repairs

The more you avoid the problem, the bigger it becomes. So, why don’t you stop dilly dallying already and let professionals do all the dirty work for you? Our technicians will arrive at the scheduled time and thoroughly inspect the whole system. If there’s even a hint that something's amiss, the trained eye will catch it and examine it further. After the diagnostics, we’ll restore your door back to its usual self and let you go about your day, all in record time.

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