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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Service | Garage Door Repair Danbury, CT

Openers are complicated electrical devices, and there are a lot of different types that require training to identify and deal with safely. Leaving it to the professionals will not only keep your door working better, but also prevent accidents.

Installing A New Unit

There’s more to installing an opener than just hooking it up to your door and plugging it in. Most of the heavy lifting is done by springs; the opener needs to provide just the right amount of energy to get them moving, and too much or too little can lead to problems! This is why it's particularly important to match any opener unit with the weight and size of the door – it's important to confirm it comes with the right horsepower.

Considering Security Features

Most openers are responsible for locking the door in place, and units with remote control systems or wi-fi connectivity frequently come with additional digital security features to prevent the system from being hacked by wannabe intruders. Let our techniciansrecommend the right model for you. Whichever opener you choose, you can rest assured that everything will be properly installed and secured with our team.

Switching An Opener

If you need your opener replaced, Garage Door Repair Danbury has got you covered. Whether your opener has an internal electrical or mechanical problem that isn’t worth fixing, or you just want something quieter and more reliable than your current model, our technicians can have your old unit safely removed and its replacement safely installed. Removing an old opener can be even trickier than installing a new one - one wrong move can see the springs snapping loose or other components of the system becoming damaged.

Just Keeping Things Going

From the motor to the gears, to the circuit boards, an opener should be looked at periodically to ensure that everything is working properly. If your opener is starting to slow down, if the mechanism is making foreboding noises, or if the sensors seem to be getting finicky, our diagnostic and maintenance services are only a phone call away. Even if your opener appears to be working just fine, you should still have it looked at periodically just to make sure things stay that way; a little trouble now could save you a lot in terms of cost and time in the future.

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