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How To Tell When Certain Hardware Parts Need To Be Replaced

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How To Tell When Certain Hardware Parts Need To Be Replaced

Certain Hardware Parts Need To Be Replaced | Garage Door Repair Danbury, CT

Modern residential garage doors are large mechanical systems that are comprised of many moving parts. Some of their hardware parts are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel which makes them resistant to rust and other kinds of damages. Still, they will be subjected to considerable wear and tear over time, and, as a result, won't last forever. How do you know when the time for replacing a specific part has come? That's what we're here to tell you.

  • Checking The Springs

    Whether you have extension or torsion springs doesn't matter in terms of their purpose. Both work to counterbalance the weight of the door. To do this job, these components are loaded with tension which is later released while the door opens and then loaded again while it closes. This naturally weakens them over time. The problem is that it can be hard to tell when a spring is going to break. When it does happen, however, you'll need to act quickly as a broken spring will make it impossible to open the door. Even before that happens, you may be able to notice subtle deformations in the coils upon inspection. The more there are, the more likely the component is going to break soon.
  • Inspect The Cables

    The lift cables are also under great tension and do a lot of the hard work. As a result, they have a fairly high rate of wearing. The good news is that a quick inspection will reveal their condition and help you decide whether to get them replaced or not. If the cables have signs of fraying and/or cuts, they should be replaced as soon as possible. When a cable breaks, the door will be jammed and may get off track. That is why these components need to be replaced as soon as you notice their condition has degraded.
  • Don't Forget The Rollers

    Just like the springs and cables, your garage door rollers and hinges have a higher rate of wearing. If the door shakes, there might be a roller with a twisted or broken stem. It should be replaced quickly to prevent it from causing your door to get off track. If your door makes popping sounds while it's opening and closing, one or more of these components could be worn, in which case, it will need to be replaced. The hinges are at risk of bending due to their design and operation. Very often, bent hinges can be straightened with appropriate repair technique. When this isn’t possible they should be replaced. It’s easy to tell when these components have worn completely, as their cylinders will be oblong rather than round. A lot of the different parts we mentioned can be complex to handle. That's why you better let our technicians at Garage Door Repair Danbury take care of them.

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