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Dealing with Garage Door Track Problems

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Dealing with Garage Door Track Problems

Dealing with Garage Door Track Problems Blog | Garage Door Repair Danbury, CT

If your automatic garage door uses a modern sectional design, chances are it uses a set of tracks. These components come in a pair - one on each side of the door. Their job is to help keep the door in place and guarantee its smooth up and down movement. The panel sections are connected to each other via hinges, and their movement is performed via rollers, that move inside the tracks. Unfortunately, these stationary components can be quite vulnerable to damage and other issues. The good news is that there is a solution to every problem.

Eliminating Movement Hindering Blockages

Is your overhead door jammed and refuses to go all the way down? Then you probably have a few pebbles or an accumulation of dirt blocking one of the tracks and preventing the rollers from moving. In this situation, you need to open the door fully, disconnect the opener and remove the blockage. Avoid using sharp tools so as not to damage the tracks. You can get rid of sticky dirt with the help of a mild solvent or brake cleaner.

Dealing With Rust

Modern garage door tracks are made from galvanized steel which has a high level of resistance to corrosion. However, since these components go all the way down to the floor they can be exposed to road salts during the cold winter months, and to damaging driveway cleaners during the warm months. As a result, their protective zinc coating can be damaged and they may begin to rust. Inspect them for corrosion and get rid of it when you find it using a potent yet safe rust remover. Also, try to keep your garage floor free from road salts and use a safe driveway cleaner to prevent future trouble. If a track is severely damaged by corrosion, it should be replaced.

Misaligned And Bent Tracks

Misalignment occurs when the vertical and horizontal sections of a track aren't properly connected. This is usually due to loosened bolts and brackets. The solution involves aligning the sections and tightening the bolts. It is important to replace broken and damaged bolts as soon as possible. Issues like door jamming and constant reversal are often the result of bent tracks. This is a serious problem which should be solved as soon as possible. When the bending isn’t serious, the track can be straightened. If it's close to breaking or already broke, you should get it replaced without delay. Remember to refrain from using the door until the problem is solved to avoid further issues. Count on our team at Garage Door Repair in Danbury for all your track repair and replacement needs.


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