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Garage Door Repairs Projects In Redding CT

Our professional technicians can help in you many different ways. If you want to have a new garage door installed, or need to have a problem with your safety sensors fixed, you can count on us. Scroll down to see how our experts handled these projects recently.

Garage Door Off Track Near Easton | Redding, CT

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: One morning when attempting to leave for work, Mrs. Richards found that her garage door opened partially then got stuck.
Our Solution: Our team looked closely at the tracks, and found that the rollers had come off in a certain spot. We clamped the door and disconnected the opener before opening the tracks. Our experts discovered that debris had built up over time to the point that it dislodged the rollers. We cleared the detritus out of the tracks before moving the rollers back into place.

Rosemarie Richards - Easton
Garage Door Opener Repair | Lewisboro | Danbury, CT

Garage Door Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Mr. Kasinsky’s opener wasn’t powering up, even when plugged in and switched on.
Our Solution: It was clear from the beginning that the opener needed exploratory surgery, but our examination of the motor and circuit boards found nothing wrong. Our next guess was to try switching in a new electrical adapter and battery component, and that one turned out to be the solution.

Walter Kasinsky - Lewisboro
Garage Door Troubleshooting in Easton | Garage Door Repair Redding, CT

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: The door started opening and closing repeatedly after the customer used it, and she didn't know what was wrong.
Our Solution: After unplugging the opener the door stopped moving, which meant the source of the problem lied there. We checked the receiver for signs of damage, and then plugged the opener back into the power socket and tested it with the remote and the manual switch. Both control platforms seemed to be fine, and there were no issues with the sensors or the tracks to suggest they were at fault. After opening the opener's casing and examining its internal components, we discovered that some of the circuit board's wiring needed to be replaced. After taking care of that, the garage door returned to normal.

Kathryn Zoness - Easton
Sensor Alignment | Garage Door Repair Redding, CT

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Misaligned photo-eye sensors.
Our Solution: A quick inspection led us to discover that the alignment of the opener's safety sensors was incorrect and they weren't facing each other correctly. After repositioning them and checking to make sure their lenses weren't damaged or dirty, we tested the door again and it had no trouble closing.

Dave Mull - Redding
Cable Replacement | Garage Door Repair Redding, CT

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Frayed cable got off the drum.
Our Solution: The problem was immediately evident as the entire left lift cable had become tangled and came off its drum. Its counterpart was significantly frayed as well, so we proceeded to replace both units and then made sure the new cables were able to support the weight of the door and help it move without any issues.

Kurt Lamshy - Redding
New Garage Door Installation | Garage Door Repair Redding, CT

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Wanted an insulating garage door.
Our Solution: After determining exactly what the customer's preferences were, we presented her with a few different options. She decided to go with a steel garage door by Raynor; the Aspen™ AP200 to be exact, which is 2" thick and uses Neufoam™ polyurethane insulation to achieve an R-value of 18.0. We returned with the new door a couple of days later and set it up at the customer's home.

Shelly Talbot - Redding

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