Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are anGarage Door Springs essential part of every automated garage door. They work extremely hard in tandem, ensuring that your door is always correctly balanced and aligned, while keeping your garage door securely fastened to its frame, and there for safe to use by any of your family members. Unfortunately, these components do have a lifespan, and that lifespan is greatly affected by the stress under which they operate, the mercy of the weather, and a great many other sources of damage. So if your springs have failed, or are showing signs of doing so, be sure to have them replaced by a technician as soon as possible.

Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

When your springs start to show signsof damage, having them replaced before they fail is in the best interest of your door’s functionality and safety. When rust caused by damp weather weakens the integrity of your springs, it could cause them to fail without warning, and could even make your door unsafe to operate.

Torsion Coil and Extension Springs

Regardless of which type of garage door spring your doors make use of, galvanic corrosion from their contact with electrified metals in your system can prove to be as devastating to your springs as rust is. Galvanic corrosion will quickly spread throughout the material of your springs if left unchecked, putting them in danger of failing unexpectedly

Damage from old age

Like most things in life, springs will take damage slowly overtime as a result of the immense pressure under which they operate. Since springs are designed to store and leverage torque, the task of keeping such pressure will eventually cause stress marks on your springs. So if you see any signs of wear and tear which will eventually lead to broken garage door springs, be sure to have a technician look at it for you.

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