Garage Door Springs

Extension and Torsion Spring Replacement

Garage Door SpringsIn case of a broken spring, we will replace it in the shortest possible time, regardless of its type and size. Our services cover all residential garage door springs including oil tempered torsion ones. Count on us to install a new component that’s big and strong enough to counterbalance your door. All of our spare springs have a long estimated cycle life. Many customers ask us whether preventive replacement is possible, but the answer isn’t straightforward. Unlike other components, springs don’t show signs of weakening, which is a natural process. That is why it’s hard to tell when a spring will break and to take action right before this happens. It is possible to estimate the component’s useful life based on its predicted cycle life and daily usage, but the calculation may be inaccurate.

Maintenance Including Adjustment and Lubrication

Our maintenance service covers all automatic door components and the springs are naturally not an exception. After disconnecting the opener, we test the tension by lifting the door halfway to open position and releasing it. If the unit goes up or down quickly, then there’s too much or too little tension and it requires adjustment. We adjust both torsion and extension springs with precision following all safety rules. Torsion ones require lubrication and we apply a product approved by the door’s manufacturer to all coils for best results. Another important task on our agenda is checking the safety cables of extension springs to ensure that they are in good condition and stay firmly in place.

Spring System for a New Garage Door

As specialists in garage door installation, we provide consultation to customers to help them pick the ideal door and spring system. While extension springs perform reliably, they have a shorter cycle life on average and require more components to be connected to the door. Torsion ones, on the other hand, tend to have smoother operation and to last longer, but they also need lubrication maintenance to do their job well and stay quiet.

No matter which option you pick, you can rely on us to install and adjust your new spring system perfectly.